Our First Blog Entry!

We want to welcome everyone to the new Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative blog! We are starting this blog with the hope that it will contain content that teachers and administrators find helpful in their journey as literacy educators and leaders.

Our Center began in 1991 and has provided both short and long-term research-based professional development to thousands of educators around the world. We are a Center located within Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our Center Director, Dr. Irene Fountas, is a leader in the field of literacy education and has published a wide variety of books and articles for administrators and teachers that focus on good teaching practices in both reading and writing.  In addition, we have many talented faculty members here at the Center who will contribute to this blog regularly. Our faculty have extensive experience in the classroom as teachers, in schools as administrators, and as professional development providers to schools and districts.

We will be adding to our blog several times throughout each week. We encourage you to comment on our blog entries and join us in what will hopefully be an engaging and lively community discussion around high quality, research-based literacy practices PreK-8!

Visit the Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative website for information on upcoming offerings and events!

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