Reading and Writing Workshop for the Digital Generation

By Mechelle Abney

The Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative held its first ever digital institute!
The “Reading and Writing Workshop for the Digital Generation, K-8” was held at Lesley University February 28-29 and March 28-29, 2011.  We had several educators and university faculty speak on a variety of topics, as well as authors Troy Hicks, The Digital Writing Workshop and Julie Coiro, Teaching with the Internet, K-12.  Both shared numerous ways to help students engage in and build an effective reading and writing process.  See their information below:

Troy’s Book

Julie’s Book

Presenters shared a wealth of information on ways to integrate technology into the reading and writing workshop. Tools to enhance instruction as well as ways of engaging learning in the reading and writing process were demonstrated. See below for  some useful sites they recommended: (will be up and running soon)

Food for Thought

Three big ideas about “online reading comprehension” posed by Julie Coiro:

1. Students require additional, new skills to read and effectively comprehend information online.

2. The Internet is a READING and WRITING issue (not a technology issue) for every content-area classroom teacher, reading educator, and library media specialist.

3. Students are sometimes more literate than their teachers with certain aspects of using the internet.

What are your thoughts about these 3 ideas? We’d love to hear your response!

Did You Know???

“You have about a minute and a half to keep students attention when they are sitting before a computer.” Julie Coiro

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