Read Alouds for Struggling Readers

By Irene Fountas

Do your students know how books work?

Our work with struggling readers has been exciting.  Here is a tip from our work for supporting your students’ comprehension: be sure your students understand how the book works!  What is the overarching and internal organization? Some students focus on the small details and miss the organization and bigger understandings the writer is communicating explicitly or implicitly.  Here are some book examples and their overarching themes:


My Puppy is Born by Joanna Cole

How Kittens Grow by Millicent Selsam

Pond Year by Kathryn Lasky

Tiger Pups by Tom and Allie Harvey

The Tortilla Factory by Gary Paulsen

Down, Down, Down: A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea by Steve Jenkins

Problem/Solution/Cause and Effect

A River Ran Wild by Lynn Cherry

If you Traveled on the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine

How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro

What Makes Day and Night by Franklyn Brambly

What Happens to a Hamburger by Paul Showers

The Wolves are Back by Jean Craighead George

The Mary Celeste by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple


Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons

Outside and Inside You by Sandra Markle

Outside and Inside Snakes by Sandra Markle


Sharks by Seymour Simon

The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons

Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies

A Place for Butterflies by Melissa Stewart

Redwoods by Jason Chin

Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies

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