Enhancing Our Science Teaching through Talk

“Talk is central to how science is practiced and should be considered an important component of elementary science instruction.”

“Despite the important roles of debate, argument, and other forms of oral communication in science…discussion tends to be overlooked in the elementary science classroom.”

––Jeff Winokur, Karen Worth, and Martha Heller-Winokur from the article “Connecting Science and Literacy Through Talk,” in the journal Science and Children published by the National Science Teachers Association

Jeff Winokur and the NSTA have graciously allowed us to share this article [pdf] containing tips for elementary teachers on connecting literacy and science lessons through class discussion.

Jeff is a science education instructor and contributing author to The Young Scientist Series. He is one of many experts and authors who will be joining us for our 2011 Summer Literacy Institute, “Nonfiction Reading and Writing: Meeting the Common Core State Standards,” this July.

Jeff is presenting these two, three-hour workshops at the institute:

  • Connecting Science and Literacy: The Role of Discourse and Writing in Grades 3–5 Inquiry-based Science
  • The Role of Talk and Writing in Inquiry-based Science: Grades K–2

We hope you will join us!

For more information about this year’s Summer Literacy Institute, scheduled for July 11-14, 2011, please visit our website.

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