Literacy Collaborative – a model for teaching and learning in your school

by Diane Powell, Assistant Director, Primary Level Faculty

ImageFor many years, schools have been consumers of program after program to improve student achievement. Oh yes, sometimes there are some positive impacts just because there is more specific teaching involved. We believe, at Lesley, that the money that schools invest in programs is short sighted! We are convinced that the only real lasting impact to improving student achievement is directly related to investing in the teacher who delivers the teaching, not the program. Programs don’t make the difference, effective teaching does. Not every teacher is working up to his/her professional capabilities (often not due to a lack of trying on their part) but once a school decides to make an investment in teacher professional development and the administration supports and guides the implementation of Literacy Collaborative, changes begin to occur.

Literacy Collaborative, PreK–Grade 8, is a model for literacy improvement that supports a school’s efforts toward improved student achievement. The tenants of Literacy Collaborative that allows it to stand apart from other published programs include:

  • An ongoing school/university partnership
  • School leadership teams to guide and monitor the implementation
  • Professional development sessions provided by a trained literacy coach to enhance teaching
  • Coaching that supports the professional development
  • Interventions for those finding literacy learning difficult
  • A home school partnership
  • Ongoing professional development for the literacy coach at Lesley University
  • Professional resources by leaders in the industry
  • Assessment that informs and guides teaching decisions
  • Assessment that helps monitor the effects of the implementation

Whether you’re a primary building (PreK–2), an intermediate building (3–5) or both (PreK-5/6), or a middle school (6–8), we can help your think more about the critical investment of resources you have available that will begin the turnaround of your school. Even schools who are meeting the proficiencies of their state tests can be enhanced by Literacy Collaborative.

Programs don’t change student’s lives. Informed, effective teaching does. Call or email for more information about Literacy Collaborative and how we might become partners in this most important responsibility of schools – the improvement of student achievement for every child!

For more information on Literacy Collaborative, please call 617-349-8424 or email

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