Thoughts on Independent Reading

Guest blog post by Laura Robb, Author, Coach, and 2013 Literacy for All Conference speaker

thIndependent reading is alive and well in the primary grades. Research shows that independent reading starts to wane in the middle grades, and continues to lessen through middle and high school. Many high schools do not require independent reading, yet all require that students on teams practice their sport to gain skills and automaticity with plays and muscle memory. It’s the same with reading: students have to practice and apply what they learn during class to choice reading to become skilled readers.

Share your suggestions on fostering independent reading, especially in middle and high school, in the comments section.

Laura Robb will be presenting these two sessions, sponsored by Scholastic, Inc., at the Literacy for All Conference in Providence, R.I. on Monday, November 4, 2013.

  • Writing to Improve Comprehension and Analytical Thinking (Grades 4–8)
  • Vocabulary Matters: Improve Comprehension, Writing, Thinking, and Speaking (Grades 4–8)

There’s still time to register for more than 100+ sessions for Reading Recovery and PreK–8 educators!

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