Spotlight on Reading Recovery Training Site: Springfield, MA

Springfield ImageWe are excited to begin a series of posts highlighting the great work being done at our various Reading Recovery training sites throughout the Northeast. Our hope is to give everyone a peek into the many accomplishments of our Reading Recovery teachers and their students.

To start the series off, we are featuring the Springfield, MA site. The Teacher Leaders at that site are Lynn Santa and Rosemary Brown.

Below is a quote from a Reading Recovery Teacher in the Springfield district describing a family’s reaction to the progress their child is making in Reading Recovery: “When Addy’s mom came in to observe a lesson she told me that Addy never enjoyed reading and now she loves it. She said she is so excited to open her book bag and read her books. Sometimes she’ll read the same book 3 times in one night, first to her mother, then her father and then her older brother or sister! Mom also said she is always reading signs now when they are in the car or at the store.The whole family is very excited and involved and as we know that is why Addy is making the progress that she is.”

For more information on Reading Recovery, please contact Kelly Adams at And stay tuned for next month’s feature on the Boston, MA Reading Recovery Training Site.

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