Georgia Partnership for Educational Excellence Visits Literacy Collaborative School

The Georgia Partnership for Educational Excellence recently went on its annual Bus Trip Across Georgia that included educators and community and business leaders who are all interested in educational programs happening in the state. We were excited to find out they stopped at one of our Literacy Collaborative partner districts, Dalton Public Schools! Dalton has been implementing Literacy Collaborative and we are are so proud of their commitment and hard work. Below are a few things tour participants said about the schools in Dalton:

“My favorite of the trip! They have this reading thing done right. Love, love, love this! Saw students writing, reading their stories in front of the class and receiving both compliments and suggestions for improvement which were given with complete relevant feedback using the key learning concepts being taught. It was amazing to see 2nd graders articulate their thoughts and be able to give and receive feedback in such a meaningful and respectful manner.”

“After visiting, I believe that the innovation is not the reading program itself. It is the way it is implemented. It is good to see they are empowering teachers, emphasizing professional learning and making a long-term commitment to improving poor teachers and making good teachers great.”

“The amount of literacy used in the classrooms is evident and very astounding—verb charts, “What we’ve read” charts, etc. And I loved guided writing. I would love to implement this in my own classroom, especially for ELL students.”

“Reading program was fabulous. Commitment to all children is superb. Loved seeing it; it was a worthwhile stop.”

To read the whole article, visit

For more information about Literacy Collaborative, visit

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