Readers’ Workshop

by Helen Sisk, Intermediate/Middle Grades Trainer

“As a classroom teacher, reading workshop is one of the simplest and hardest things I do.

It is also the most worthwhile.” – Nancie Atwell

Readers’ workshop has proven to be an organizational format used to build a supportive environment to meet the diverse needs of all learners and develop independent readers, who engage with good text, appreciate author’s craft, and become insightful, critical readers. Whew! Good use of 60 minutes of daily instructional time!

If you are new to teaching in a reader’s workshop, or you want to be energized and reflect on your current reading instruction, please join us for our summer institute at Lesley University, “Intentional Teaching in a Readers’ Workshop: Assuring High-Level Competencies for the Common Core.”

Irene Fountas and her team of literacy trainers from Lesley University are presenting the conceptual framework of the readers’ workshop on July 14-17. Some of the sessions include learning how classroom organization and choice empowers independent readers, ways that shared reading and minilessons apply skills and strategies to multiple contexts for different purposes, what to discuss during conferring in order to promote deeper comprehension, and how to use a variety of texts to build flexibility in thinking, talking, and writing about texts.

Hope to see you soon in Cambridge!


4 thoughts on “Readers’ Workshop

    • Dear Trina,

      Beginning in Fall 2014, we will begin offering online courses. The first two 8 week online courses that we will offer are Linking Assessment to Teaching: Reading, Writing, and Word Study (K-8), and Intentional Teaching in a Readers’ Workshop (Grades 3-8). Other courses that will be offered include Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling in a Reading/Writing Classroom (K-3), Guided Reading: Differentiating Literacy Instruction (3-8), Guided Reading in a Comprehensive Early Literacy Program (K-2), and more. Email us at if you would like to be added to our online courses mailing list.


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